Searchable Maize and Corn Patent Data

Make an Information Search

715c15cc-fbd1-4355-ae64-f243b6ade2f5-largeFrom the “Make an Information Search” menu tab, select any one of the search queries of interest to you from the drop-down menu. Select or enter values in any or all of the search parameter boxes listed. Then click SEARCH. The results will soon appear in tabulated format as a summary report. Navigate the summary from page to page by using appropriate arrow keys located at the bottom of each page of the report.  The summary report can be sorted by any column listed in the summary by clicking on the desired column header.  A detailed “drill-down” report is also available for each entry listed in the report summary by clicking “DETAILS” on the right side of the report.

The steps for making a query are very simple.

  1. Choose a query from the dropdown sub-menu.
  2. Put query information into any or all boxes, or don’t put information into any boxes at all.
  3. Then click SEARCH. Results for your search are displayed on a summary screen.
  4. Click View Details on the right side of summary to open a screen displaying more detailed information regarding that particular entry in the summary screen.

For example, say you wish to know the corn hybrid patents issued in the last 28 days. From the “Make an Information Search” menu tab, click on the tab from the dropdown sub-menu labelled Hybrids Patented_in_Last_28_Days. In this query tab there is only one input box available – Patent Assignee, which refers to the owner of the patent. If you wish to know ALL hybrids patented in the last 28 days, leave this box blank, and click SEARCH. The resulting screen will list ALL corn hybrids for which patents were issued in the last 28 days. If you wish to know only hybrids from a particular company for which patents have been issued in the last 28 days, then enter the name (or part of the name) of the company or institution which filed the patent. The resulting screen will list only the corn hybrids from that particular company for which patents have been issued in the last 28 days.

Bear in mind the more query information that is entered into the query box(es), the more restrictive the search will be.  If no corn germplasm exists in the database which conform to the values used for the search, the message “No records found” will be reported in place of a summary. If this happens, you might try relaxing the query restrictions slightly in order to obtain desired information.  Leaving a query box blank is the least restrictive value for that box.  To remove a value from a query box, click your pointer inside the query box to reveal an x in the right side of the box.  Clicking on the x will remove that value.

When entering the name of a patent assignee into a query box, only a portion of the complete name needs to be entered. For example, entering the name “Pioneer” in the patent holder (patent assignee) query box would return entries whose patent assignee was “Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.”.